Hummingbird Drone Solutions has access to a number of different aircraft types, ensuring that we can deliver the best possible product.

Rotary Wing

Our rotary wing fleet provide the perfect solution for any aerial media application. Whether it is to get that ‘perfect’ picture for your marketing or real-estate campaign; right through to capturing a sporting-event from a ‘never-seen-before’ angle.

The flagship of our rotary wing fleet is a DJI S900. DJI are one of the largest UAV manufacturers in the world and provide many high-end products. The S900 has 6 separate electric motors, providing for redundancy in the event of a failure. Our S900 is also equipped with a a parachute, ensuring the highest level of safety.

Our S900 aircraft come equipped with a Panasonic GH4 camera, on a fully stabilised gimbal. This camera can film in 4K, and produces the best motion and still media in its class. The gimbal ensures that there is no vibration or jerky movements in your media, just fluid, smooth motion.

Fixed Wing

Once again Hummingbird Drone Solutions has a versatile fixed-wing UAV fleet. These are perfect for catching crisp, clear imagery to create a unsurpassed aerial photo of a site, conducting NDVI imaging for plant health analysis right through to capturing imagery to create highly accurate Digital Elevation Models.

Our fixed wing fleet is lead by a Xerospace LI aircraft. The LI aircraft is a sleek, carbon fibre, high endurance and payload aircraft with a 3m wingspan. Unlike many traditional UAV’s it is not a ‘flying-wing (delta wing)’, features a standard wing, rudder and fuselage. This means that it is capable of carrying many different payloads on a ‘quick-change’ platform. The traditional airframe design also allows it to fly at slower speeds, as well as being more stable in turbulent conditions, as compared to a delta wing.

The LI is fully capable (with approval) of operating beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), is completely autonomous from launch and is equipped with a parachute, for both landing, and redundancy in the event of a systems failure.

Interested in finding out more about our drones? We are happy to answer any questions about our services.