What are the benefits of utilising a UAV?

Value: A fraction of the cost of traditional methods of aerial photography.
Safety: Reduced risk exposure to personnel.
Versatility: Images are shot from low altitudes which allow us to engage unorthodox angles at a close range with more precision detail than ever before. The potential is unlimited.
Speed: The UAVs can be deployed in as little as 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of the operation

What Certifications Do You Have?

We hold a UOC (Unmanned Operators Certificate) issued by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) which permits us to operate anywhere in Australia. All of our operators are certified pilots that hold UAV Controller Certificates issued by CASA.

We also have numerous approvals to operate at sporting events, and within 3 nautical miles of specified aerodromes.

What safety Management Systems do you use?

Our safety management program has been developed from industry leading framework. We have a “zero incident to date” record and our goal is to keep it that way.

What sort of cameras are used by Hummingbird Drone Solutions?

Our aircraft can be customised to carry a range of cameras including thermal cameras, digital SLRs and Digital Video cameras. For aerial photography and video operations, our systems are fitted with a gyro stabilised, Panasonic GH4; providing Full HD video at 1080p 50fps. For aerial surveillance, mapping and surveying options, we have a number of options available contact us for more details.

What can a Hummingbird Drone Solutions UAV be used for?

The Aerial Systems that we utilise provided unsurpassed results when capturing high resolution aerial photos for real estate and commercial property.

Our systems have the same benefits as helicopter photography, however the cost is a fraction of manned aircraft, and can get a lot closer to the action.

Our fixed-wing platforms can perform in too many different applications to list here. However they are perfect for getting high-definition imagery of your commercial or residential development, or assessing plant health in any size agricultural application, surveying an area for a terrain model or right through to conducting surveillance on beaches

I’m a photographer/camera operator, can I hire an aircraft without a pilot?

No, as it is a legal requirement that UAVs be operated under an Operator Certificate and pilot are licenced. Hummingbird Drone Solutions are fully CASA licenced, so you can hire us.

Maximum Operating Height

We can operate up to 400ft above the ground during normal operations, and higher with advanced notice; subject to operating area approval being provided by CASA (additional charges).

Maximum Aircraft Range

In standard operations, as per CASA regulation our aircraft are limited to being within line of sight of our operator. However with advanced notice, subject to an area approval we can operator up to 10km from the operator, beyond line of sight.

Flight Time

Depending on the aircraft the maximum endurance is 90 minutes, however many factors including weather, flight plan, and payload affect the flight time. Typically our rotary wing systems will fly for 15 minutes; whereas our fixed wing systems can be airborne for up to 90 minutes. Battery changes take less than 1 min.

How much does a UAV weigh?

Both the Humming Drone Solutions rotary and fixed wing systems vary in weight from under 2kg through to in excess of 11kg.

This allows for a payload of up to 4kg depending on the aircraft.

Where are you located?

Hummingbird Drone Solutions is located in Toowoomba, Queensland; however we have the ability to provide aerial camera and surveillance services to any metro, regional or remote area in Australia.