Hummingbird Drone Solutions was established in 2014 in response to the increasing availability and application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for non-military applications.

We aim to become a premier provider of UAV services and solutions for our clients, with a fleet consisting of both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft we have a solution to almost every application.

Chief Pilot

Andrew Luhrs

Andrew is an experienced and current Commercial Pilot. Andrew has flown numerous different aircraft, not only in charter, but also in aerial photography, spotting and survey applications. This experience ensures that Hummingbird Drone Solutions can provide the most innovative aerial solutions.

As Andrew holds a current Command Instrument Rating, with the appropriate notice it is possible for Hummingbird Drone Solutions to conduct operations beyond visual line of sight for certain applications.

RPA Controllers

All of Hummingbird Drone Solutions UAV controllers are current manned aircraft pilots. Hummingbird Drone Solutions has chosen to only utilise those with valid pilot’s licences as we strongly believe that there is no substitute to the experience this brings to our operation. This experience guarantees that Hummingbird Drone Solutions can, not only provide the best solution for you, but also the safest.